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Yummy Food! Photo via Tumblr


Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

This is a very simple crust that will take some practice to perfect, unless you already know how to toss a pizza. Two preparation methods are given to choose from: an overnight rise in the refrigerator and the more conventional sponge-rise approach.

Recipe: Homemade Chocolates and Fudgey Cognac Truffles

Country French Estate Hallway

Greek seasoning, Italian cheese blend, and pico de gallo give this breakfast casserole a variety of flavor influences from around the globe.

The Tungurahua Roll (by Len Langevin)

World Porn

Fried rice, Hawaiian-style, features such beloved island delicacies as pineapple, Chinese lup cheong sausage, and that famous luncheon meat in the rounded-off cans.

Waffles & Fruit


Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers with Onion Rings and Fried Eggs

Apt R (Tel Aviv)

Hot Dog

Recipe by Sierra Springs Photography

There's no taste like home-made pasta! You'll love how a simple concordance of egg, salt, flour and water yields deliciously tender pasta to use immediately or even several days later. Hint: let the pasta sheet dry for 20 minutes before cutting.

Tiger Prawns (by .::Prad Patel::.)

The Tessel House, Brussels, Belgium